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entral Committee and ??chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), ??extended the greetings when attending a gala held b??y the CMC for retired military officers of Beijing-??based troops. Together with the veterans, Xi looked?? back on the major achievements made by the Party, ??the country and the military in 2019. The military ??vs

eterans and retired officers vowed to rally more o

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c??losely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrad??e Xi Jinping at the core, follow the guidance of Xi?? Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characte??ristics for a New Era and implement Xi Jinping's th??inking on strengthening the military. They expresse??d readiness to make new contributions to realizing ??the 2020 goal for the building of national defense ??and the armed forces and to securing a victory in b??uilding a moderately prosperous society in all resp??ects.A top Iranian commander said on Thursday that his ??country was not moving towards a war but was not ??afraid of any conflict, the semi-official Tasnim ??news agency reported after U.S. President Donald ??Trump said Tehran was behind anti-U.S. protests i??n Iraq. Trump accused Iran of orchestrating demon??strations at the U.S. embassy in Iraq p

on Tuesday ??and said Tehran would be helv



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d responsible. Iran h??as rejected the accusation. A protester waves an?? Iraqi flag during a protest to condemn airstrike??s on bases belonging to Hashd al-Shaabi (paramili??tad

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ry forces), in Baghdad, Iraq January 1, 2020. /??Reuters Photo 'Not leading to war' "We are not le??ading the country to war, but we are not afraid o??f any war and we tell America to speak correctly ??with the Iranian nation. We have the power to bre??ak them several times over and are not worried," ??Revolutionary Guards Commander Brigadier General ??Hoss2


ein Salami was quoted by Tasnim as saying. Tr??ump had said in a tweet on Tuesday that Iran woul??d be "held fully responsible for lives lost, or d??amage incurred, at any of our facilities. They wi??ll pay a very BIG PRICE! This is not a Warning, i??t is a Threat." He later said he did not want or ??foresee a war with Iran. Iran's Army chief Major ??Genej

ral Abdolrahim Mousavi said on Thursday his f??orces were ready to confront the "enemy." "Our ar??med forces ... monitor all moves, and ifw

day e??xtended his Spring Festival greetq ings to military v??eterans and retired 3 officers. Chinese President Xi?? Jinpin5 g, also general secretary of the CommuniZ st P??arty of China Central Committee anv d chairman of the?? Central Military Com4
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    tival greetings to military veterans andA ret??ired officers when attending a gala held by the CMC?? for retired militaryS officers of Beijing-based tro??ops in B7 eijing, capital of China, Jan. 13, 2020.v (X??inhua/Li Gang) Xi, also general secretary ov f the Co??mmunist Party of China (CPC) C5